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It’s September 2020… you wake up at the hint of the dawn… no blaring alarm clocks… no snoozing 10 times before you muster the will to get out of your bed… you cherish your morning coffee as you say your morning prayers and let your body absorb the winning rays of the day’s light… your work desk is all set up… you open your system to find new numbers… new readers, new sales, new subscribers and new motivation to rock your day…

That could be you even if you only have an hour a day to spare for your dream business in the online realm.

Is it really as easy as it sounds?

Well… if you know the right angles to hit on.

And I can help you achieve just that.

Let me help you gain control of your business while you help yourself gain control of your life.

Yes Sista! 

If you are a creative fempreneur ready to launch your online business in full force...

If you are ready to invest in an online presence your audience just can't ignore...

And all you need is a kick-start launch to start your dream project…

This is where you start!!!

Custom Branding

  • Brand Board
  • Primary Logo
  • Alternate Logos
  • Color Palette 
  • Fonts
  • Web Elements
  • Social Icons

Website Design

  • WordPress Setup
  • Theme Customization
  • Custom Pages
  • Plugin Setup 
  • Custom Branding
  • Ready to Launch 
  • 3-4 Weeks Delivery
Social Graphics

Social Media Kit

  • Pinterest Pins
  • Facebook Headers
  • Blog Feature Images
  • Instagram Templates
  • Instagram Puzzle Grids
  • Group Board Covers
  • Social Media Kits

You have this undying, irresistible, creative entrepreneur in you that needs to be discovered... Start before the overwhelm takes over you again!


Go through the details on the website and get in touch with me. We will work out a plan for your project. We can start from scratch or rework on some of the existing elements of your business. 

I collect payments via Payoneer. Payments depend on the project we are working on.

For the website design project we can work out a payment plan of three months. 

Don't wait! I'm offering a free social media templates kit with all website design packages. That's a $200 Save!!!

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