7 things that make you a great parent

Being a sound parent doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot of thought and overcoming hurdles in life. When you become a parent you feel a load of responsibility on your shoulders. Many disregard it and continue with their lives as they would otherwise but it’s unfair to the child. Upbringing a child is an […]

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10 things more important than wealth in life

In this day and age where everyone is after get-rich-quick schemes, what brings you to this blog post? Are you seeking things more important than wealth? Are you looking for genuine contentment outside monetary gains? Before I delve deeper into the topic, I want to make it clear that I’m not against monetary growth as […]

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10 Signs of a Toxic Person


We live in a complex world. Relationships can go from absolutely beautiful to toxic in split seconds. The worst part is this abuse will sometimes come from very dear ones. This will often leave you in shambles because you love them and you can’t or don’t want to just end the relationship. Many a time […]

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