5 Health Habits of Successful Femrepreneurs

5 Health Habits of Successful Femrepreneurs

In our desire to succeed in our businesses we often easily lose sight of our personal health. Most of us Fempreneurs would agree that when all our priorities direct towards our business, our health becomes secondary to us.

Here it’s important to understand that if we wish to succeed in the long-term our personal health needs to be one of our top commitments. Therefore, in this post, I have gathered the top 5 healthy habits of successful fempreneurs that allow them to consume their energies in their businesses better.

Have a ‘to-do’ list nearby? Make ‘you’ a priority.

1. More Veggies, Less Sugar, No Soda

The more natural your diet is, the healthier you will be. While working our bottoms off we often get into the habit of eating ‘fast’. Fast isn’t necessarily healthy. The more colorful veggies and fruits you take the happier your gut is.

But that’s not it. You don’t have to go vegan in order to be healthier. Just integrating veggies won’t make you healthy either. You have to control your intake of sugar and soda as well. Sugar is one of the highly processed foods we take in our diet on a regular basis. Remember, our body wasn’t designed to process preservatives and chemicals. The more you accumulate that stuff inside you the more work your gut has to do. Your brain will have to stay busy in signaling your gut all day and you will have a hard time focusing on what’s best for you and your business.

There are 101 ways in which soda affects your health adversely. I could pile up researches for you, but you, like myself, already know it all. You don’t need soda. You don’t have to live on it. Just get rid of it.

To-Do: Read the heading again.

2. A Consistent Sleep Schedule

The science of sleep has evolved and so have many fempreneurs taken advantage of that. Many women now see the importance of sleeping at a fixed time for a fixed amount of time. There are a plethora of benefits of having a sleep schedule but the most important ones for an entrepreneur are productivity, mental and physical health.

Irregular and disturbed sleep patterns easily lead to irritability, little productivity, and susceptibility to illnesses. Most fempreneurs are not just women in business but we are leading very demanding and challenging personal lives as well. We are mothers and wives too. In short, we are not only expected to look like docile hoomans but also ace our days Wonder-Woman style.

You won’t be surprised to know that many women don’t need alarm clocks to wake up. Yes, we are that responsible. Waking up an hour early has proven to work wonders for many fempreneurs. That’s when you get an extra super productive hour for your business while your family is sound asleep and you have the serenity of your home to yourself.

To-Do: Try and develop a sleep schedule. Waking up an hour early can help accomplish a few more important tasks of your work every day.

3. Mindful Meditation

In a world full of clutter all we need to stay sane is some space. Mindful meditation allows you to create that space inside you. All you need to do is find a quiet corner to cross your legs and silent your mind while you observe your breathing rhythm. Find some apps or videos on Youtube that will help you with meditation.

You can start small. For me, 5 minutes is a bit too little and 20 minutes a bit too much. I like to keep my meditation sessions around 10 to 15 minutes long. Within 2-3 weeks of the practice, you will realize how relaxed and stress-free your mind becomes after meditation.

Like many things in life, mastery in meditation comes from practice. It’s not a compulsion, but fempreneurs use it to keep their minds sane and avoid frequent burnouts in their busy lives.

To-Do: Meditate for 10 minutes a day. Get into the habit.

4. Daily Exercise

A strong body holds a strong mind. Our health is a blessing and all successful fempreneurs realize that. After all, how many unfit fempreneurs do you come across? I’ve never seen female entrepreneurs go crazy on food, sleep or any of the other activities. All they are crazy about is their business and for good reason.

All successful fempreneurs are conscious about their health choices. They love to stay in shape. On average we need around 75 to 150 minutes of physical activity per week to stay fit. That roughly means you need to be consistent with only 10-20 minutes of workout per day. That’s not much if you ask me.

Once you get into the habit you will realize how much your body loves to move. If you start your day with physical activity like running or mere brisk walk you will have refined energy towards your day. It keeps you happy, believe me, it does.

To-Do: Get into the habit of 10-20 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week. Even on vacations.

5. Drink Water Optimally

Did you know eating and drinking are two different activities and should be looked upon as that? Yes, you should never mix the two. Our mind sends signals to the gut when we are about to eat anything. If it’s fruit it sends the gut that information, if it’s proteins it sends the gut the message to prepare secretions to digest that. When you mix water with that, you dilute the mixture and there goes all that good digestion.

We need to drink around 2 liters of water a day. Yes, it’s best when you drink water while sitting and in three breaths rather than a single breath. But that’s not it. You need to water your plant (you) as per your needs. Try and integrate these habits into your water intake patterns:

  • drink water right after you wake up on an empty stomach
  • try taking in lukewarm water/avoid chilled water or drinks
  • take water 30 minutes before a meal and 2 hours after it
  • try and take in more saliva with your water (drink in small gulps)

To-Do: Water is life. Get into the habit of keeping a bottle with you at all times and drink water in the healthiest possible way.

We all are born different. There is our natural way of doing things. Sometimes we have to find what works best for us and in what manner. Your job as a fempreneur is to find your optimal in all these habits to lead healthier and happier lives.

Entrepreneurship is not just about the hard work, it’s about reaping the benefits too. And woman you need good health for that.

Salam (Peace <3)